A Bibliography of Conceptual Writing (compiled by yigru zeltil)

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* (2017-02-01 edit) The version that was uploaded days ago had technical issues that prevented Lulu from printing it, so I had to replace it. The current version, billed as by v1.01, is b&w instead of color (the infamous whale emoji was also reduced in size) and uses Courier instead of Lucida Sans Typewriter, as well as conforming to a Lulu template, just to be safe… Now I also made a few corrections and additions, set an ISBN and ordered a proof copy. I will update once I receive it and approve for global distribution. As usual, I am also open to your feedback. Stay tuned…

* (2017-05-02 edit) The proof copy has arrived. It seems perfect now. Google Book Search and now “global distribution” have been enabled.

The first “final” version of a never-ending project, a bibliography of conceptual literature – not just appropriation-based conceptualism, but also relatively “rigorous” forms of flarf, concrete poetry and so on.

Like the editors of the anthology “I’ll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women”, I consider a more inclusive definition. At least in my version (and I invite other people to continue it if they can/want to), there are more than a thousand books and hundreds of authors included from different countries, nationalities, genders – as different as it is possible for now, of course.

Authors are sorted alphabetically, books by the same author chronologically. More about the process and about my views on conceptualism can be found in the opening of the book.


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